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Start classes with your baby from 6 months!

When you introduce your baby to swimming early, it prepares them to be confident swimmers later in life. Swimming is a natural experience for babies, and Swimbrite planned activities will achieve much more than just letting your baby splash about!

You’re a vital part of the learning process!

We offer 30-minute classes with up to twelve baby/parent couples in a pool whose ambient temperature averages 29° C. We are teaching you how to teach your baby to swim and you will play a vital part in their love of swimming and the water.

We have two separate age-group classes for babies

6 Months - 18 months

18 months - 3 years

Progression between these stages will not only be dependent on baby’s age and development but also on the effective application of our modules and use of progressive practices in our classes. Your teacher will advise you when your baby is ready for the next step.

What will your baby/tot learn?

Learning to swim as a baby will teach your child to be wonderfully confident in the water. Teaching your baby to swim is one of life’s true pleasures. It is an activity that plays a great part in the bonding process between the parent and child.

Your babies instruction to water, from the very first bath to the first visit to the pool should be on of fun and happiness. This is what your baby will learn in our aqua tots sessions through song, play and basic instruction. We teach the parents how to hold their babies in the water and how to give them the ‘confidence factor’.

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Building bonds through water play

As you reassure and guide your baby through our lesson activities, it'll strengthen the bond between you. The lessons are very sociable and will give you the opportunity to make new friends together.

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Helping your baby develop physically and mentally

Our instructors teach in the pool using natural buoyancy to improve your baby's co-ordination and balance, develop muscle control and strengthen their heart and lungs. Progressive exercises encourage them to move independently, hold onto the side and boost their confidence in the water. But more than that, our unique Swimbrite programme also uses words, symbols, sounds and gestures - teaching your baby to respond to commands which can help facilitate mental alertness and improve their level of understanding. Fun activities stimulate their memory, problem solving and abstract thinking.