Swimbrite Swimming School Covid-19 Parent Guidance

Welcome back to our lessons, during these unprecedented times we have put together a guidance document for lessons during Covid-19.  Please note there is information in the below document on both the Village Hotel and the Mercure Parkway 

Swimbrite Covid-19 Officer

Hannah is the Covid-19 Officer for Swimbrite Swimming School. She is the key contact for all matters Covid-19 for the club and will be responsible for liaising with teachers, parents and our venues in relation to the Swim Schools response to Covid-19. She hopes to promote clear and effective communication channels and ensure all members feel supported and have someone to go to should they have any questions or concerns.

Entering the Venue (Village Hotel - Headingley)

The Venue will be entered by the main reception as normal. Please follow social distancing measures when walking down to Leisure

Children must all arrive ‘Beach Ready’ no more than 5 minutes prior to your lesson start time. You will have your temperature taken by a member of the Village staff  and you are required to scan your membership card to register your attendance. Please note should anyone’s temperature read above 37.5 degrees they will not be allowed to enter the swimming lesson and will automatically loose the session.

Please enter the poolside via the family changing rooms ONLY.  Please maintain social distancing whilst walking through the family changing rooms. Markers are set out on the floor as a visual aid or where to stand. We ask that everyone washes their hands before the lessons and after the lessons.

Once on poolside there will be clear markings for the parent/guardian to stay whilst observing the lesson. If siblings attend parents can wait at the other side of the pool (next to jacuzzi) or leave through the main changing room and sit in Starbucks. If you are leaving poolside you must arrive in good time before the lesson ends to allow a smooth handover.

A Village Member of staff will take your temperature
Remember to scan your card to register your attendance
Enter through the family changing rooms remember to sanitise hands before and after lessons

Poolside Setup

When you enter poolside you will see the pool will be split into 4 sections.  Each section will be marked with 2M distance spots to give the children a visual aid as to where they should sit either side of the pool.

Parent waiting areas have been designated and labelled on poolside, it is crucial that  parents remain in these areas if staying on poolside and do not walk around.

Please ensure that children arrive to each lesson with the full set of equipment. They will not be allowed to enter the lesson should they not have it. NO EQUIPMENT CAN BE BORROWED

Social Distancing on Poolside
Designated waiting areas for parents

Exiting the pool

Children should be sent back to their parents/ guardian one at a time and if the parent has left poolside please ensure they have returned. The parent should not be collecting the child and should not be in close proximity to the poolside.

Please note that no contact can be made on poolside unless it is crucial. Please ensure any communication is made via the office. This avoids putting both staff and parents at risk.

Please appreciate it is an extremely busy time and the office staff have lots of teaching to do. If we are unavailable, please leave a message and we will always get back to you as soon as possible.

You must leave poolside as quickly as possible, exit through the main changing rooms and remember to wash your hands after the lesson

Exit through the main changing rooms (female)
Exit through the main changing rooms (male)

Changing facilities and leaving the venue

Both  shower and changing facilities are available after the lessons. Please be as quick as possible.Please be considerate of social distancing at all times within the changing rooms.
When exiting the building please follow the one way system through the barriers and leave the building via the main entrance. Please sanitize your hands prior to leaving the venue.
Follow all one way systems
Exit by following the one way systems

Entering the Venue (Mercure Parkway)

The venue is to be entered via the main reception of the leisure club. Please ensure you follow all one way systems when walking around the club. You will enter via the poolside door so we ask that  your child arrives ‘beach ready’. Please do not attend the lesson should you or your child be experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms. A disclaimer will displayed upon entry please ensure that you read it.


Enter through the Leisure Club doors.
Follow the one way systems

Poolside Set up and Exiting the venue (Mercure Parkway)

When on poolside there are select areas for parents to wait and watch the lesson. Please remain within in these areas throughout the duration of the lesson. The children will be placed on a coloured marker on poolside to help them social distance within the pool. 

Once lessons are over you will exit through the changing rooms and you are welcome to use both the shower and changing facilities.

Lesson Considerations

•Social distancing will be considered and implemented at all times during your child’s swimming lesson
•Staff are now able to teach from within the pool but will ensure social distancing rules are kept.

-Lessons will run for 25 minutes

•It is important to remember that ‘the risk of drowning is greater than the risk of Covid-19’ and so our staff will always put the safety of the children first. 
•It is the parents/guardians responsibility to ensure goggles are sorted prior to the lesson as well as ensuring the correct equipment is brought to each and every lesson. NO EQUIPMENT CAN BE BORROWED/ SHARED.

•We advise wearing a facemask / face covering during your time entering the building and on poolside for your own safety.

• A vast amount of time from the pool may have caused a significant amount regression our teachers will support your child from whatever stage they return at.
Teachers will teach from poolside
Please adjust your child's goggles prior to the start of the lesson