Inspire Triathlon Coaching Ltd

Swimbrite Swimming School Ltd  has formed a new partnership with Inspire Triathlon CoachingLtd
aiming to provide high quality triathlon coaching.
The aim of this partnership is to provide an outstanding quality of
coaching, helping to develop, empower and inspire individuals. Consisting of
technical, enjoyable and beneficial sessions for all. Helping build
individuals self-confidence, empowerment and overall mental/physical

Steven Sims will be leading the sessions who has trained as a full time as a
triathlete for 6 years. Training as a part of the Leeds Triathlon Centre, he
has progressed and developed as an elite athlete and coach. Over the past 3 years Steven has been teaching a range of ages and abilities for Swimbrite.
Steven as also worked with the Leeds Triathlon Centre, Leeds University
Community Triathlon coach and worked alongside some world class triathletes.

Coaching qualifications

.    Level 2 British Triathlon Coach
.    TALS Level 3 (Talented Athlete Lifestyle Support)
.    Level 2 Swim Teacher,
.    Level 1 Athletics Leader

Our new sessions will be beginning Monday April 29th and Tuesday 30th,

 Ages 5-8 years old at 4.00pm – 5.00pm

Ages 9 years + 5.00 – 6.00pm.

 The sessions will be hosted on the Brownlee bike circuit, Weetwood, Leeds.

Children must be able to ride independently.

These sessions will introduce children to the basics of cycling and running.

Encouraging cycling development, improving confidence, technique, ability
and enjoyment. Through a range of fun and enjoyable activities, the children
will progress to become ‘Future Champions’. Whilst gaining great
cardiovascular exercise, positive health benefits and co-ordination.

To enquire please email or call the office on 07383536160